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Monday, June 20, 2011

BigHomo Exclusive! The Daily Show's Liz Winstead Revealed as Netroots Mob Mastermind

This weekend in Minneapolis saw simultaneous political blogger conventions -- the statist NetRoots Nation convention and the tea partyish RightOnLine. RightOnLine keynote speaker Andrew Breitbart walked through the common hallways at the municipal convention center outside the hall where NetRoots Nation was convening and was quickly swarmed by a mob of NetRooters shouting "Have you used cocaine?" "Did you go to a prostitute?" and "Have you ever been with a male prostitute?"

The screeching was led by SEIU blogger from DC, Ryan Clayton, whose email addy ( led many observors to believe that the question about male prostitution was a form of solicitation for his side business. Followers of Clayton's website for leftists in 12 step programs ("100ProofPolitics") wondered whether he originated the questions he was using to hector Breitbart, as they showed an unusual level of wit for his work.

Later the secret came out and Clayton was exposed as a plagiarist. A haggard Liz Winstead (co-creator of Jon Stewart's apolitical "Daily Show," former program director for Air America radio, Huffington Post contributor, and award winning manager of starvation camps under Pol Pot), rode up and down the elevator at the Hilton with a buxom blond assistant from her luxury Soros suite on the 19th floor, admitting that she had "been up all night every night, getting a total of 4 hours sleep all weekend," as she crafted the snappy catcalls the NetRooters had shouted at Breitbart.

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