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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

This Weiner isn't Kosher

It's a common place for female politicians or their supporters to pop up and claim that they are better than male politicians in regard to sex scandals. Just last week a Democratic female governor admonished Arnold Schwarzenegger and others to keep their pants zipped.

So I might as well join in and point out that gay politicians, male gay politicians, seem less harmful than straight male politicians when they have a sex scandal. Foley may have been creepy sending mash notes to Congressional interns (who are all 16 or over, the age of consent in DC), Craig may have been a clown, tapping his toe in a men's room, Studds may have transported a 17 year old across state lines while screwing him, and Frank may have one boyfriend after another running escort services, growing pot, or ruining the economy at Fannie Mae. But does any of this compare to what heterosexuals do: driving Marilyn Monroe to suicide; drowning a no doubt impregnated Mary Jo Kopechne in the Chappaquiddick; assaulting many women like Jennifer Flowers and using State Troopers and the Secret Service to cover it up while enjoying adultery with "that woman," Monica Lewinsky; and now sexting a 21 year old girl who is one of the only 94 people Rep. Anthony Weiner follows (followed) on Twitter with a picture of a Fruit of the Loom covered erection, probably while drunk, and then claiming to have been hacked and refusing to answer any questions about it.

The sext tweet was exposed in a story on Andrew Breitbart's Big sites (Big Government) which led the Stalinist, Obama felching whores of the leftover blogosphere whipping out limp excuses all Memorial day weekend (his TIVO was hacked, a girl was stalking him, the dog ate his daily intelligence briefing). Which led me to craft the following joke:

Happening Now: Rep. Anthony Weiner denounces Andrew Breitbart as "culturally insensitive and Islamophobic," says that under Sharia law his marriage to Muslim Huma Abedin allows him to sext up to 4 women.

The Member's member does not lie even though he does:

Bruce Majors
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